Danube Blues

Tito and I sit on the little porch of the wooden cabin. As we smoke cigarettes, we move our arms with the most minimal of effort, only to take the bottle of whiskey sitting before us on the floor.

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Danube Blues

Hrvoje Ivančić and Tito Trojak sail on a small rubber dingy for two months down the Sava and Danube Rivers, from Zagreb to the Black Sea. The journey covers two thousand kilometres and lasts almost two months. This is the story of the people along the river, and of friendship.

What Zagreb native hasn’t at least once wished to sail down the Sava River, all the way to the Black Sea?

This is a story about the river that unites and divides, gives and takes, whose beauty and cruelty testify to the distant and recent changes along its banks.

With the events and mishaps on the battered old boat, tossed about effortlessly by the mighty Danube through the cliffs of the Iron Gates, we get to know the present and the dark past of the countries along the Danube.