Danube Blues

Tito and I sit on the little porch of the wooden cabin. As we smoke cigarettes, we move our arms with the most minimal of effort, only to take the bottle of whiskey sitting before us on the floor.

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Two friends, Tito and Hrvoje, spend a long winter’s night on the bank of the Sava River in Zagreb. They dream of the big world, of adventure and of girls. Unhindered and wild, simply put, young.

They are not always welcome among other peers, making them the perfect duo, and they are inseparable. One drunken evening, they look out at the Sava River for the umpteenth time, and they come up with the crazy idea to sail from Zagreb downstream to the Black Sea. They spend several months in preparations, and even then face numerous challenges: a lack of money, lack of navigation permits… However, the power of spirit and stubbornness prevails. They purchase an ancient 12 foot boat and launch it into the Sava. They are on their way.

On their travels, the meet the people along the river, who make up a substantial part of their story. They become acquainted with the beauty of the Sava and the Danube. The adventure that so harmlessly began one drunken evening started in summer and lasted a full two months. The climax of the journey was the point where the Sava drains into the Danube, in Belgrade, Serbia. Here the duo spend some time on a military island, gathering their strength to continue the journey. They have no idea that the adventure is just about to begin in Belgrade.

Dunavski blues