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Damascus, a city cast 40 years back

She holds on tightly to the metal fence and delivers a symphony

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Juraj Bubalo:

Hrvoje Ivančić belongs to the sort of writer that is capable of capturing and recognising the signals that have always turned these kinds of travellers towards the East, even when the cause for the journey is covered by another motive. The thread that carries Ivančić’s “wanderer” to the end, to the final knowledge of life and death – samsara, appears after the first steps, at the threshold to the East, in Sarajevo… The exciting rhythm and ease of storytelling with which Ivančić leads us on an ancient journey in a modern time, skilfully intertwining the traveller’s sensations with the state and reflections of the storytelling, make this a travel novel that will be read in a single breath by those who love travel stories and fiction.


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